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Wine Pairings

Subtitle Decoration

‘Vivid, rich aromas of roasted peanuts, butterscotch and toasted oak lead to ultraripe golden apple and marzipan flavors in this full-bodied, lush and soft wine. Its indulgent richness coats the taste buds and clings to the sides of the mouth for a lingering finish. 93 POINTS’ – Jim Gordon

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Cold Climate Chardonnay

Our Left Bank Red was another great idea from Tadeo. He proposed we make a wine from two low-elevation vineyards on our ranch — one Merlot and the other Cabernet Sauvignon — both of which are on the left bank of Conn Creek as it passes through our property on the way to Lake Hennessey.

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Tasting the 2020 Left Bank Red

For several years, winemaker Tadeo Borchardt made this wine relying on the fruit from a single vineyard in the Sierra foothills. Over time, though, he added a second source of grapes that have what he felt were similar characteristics.

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The 2020 Zinfandel Vista Notre

Recognition for Our 2022 Chardonnay ‘304’ – A nail biter harvest

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Our 2022 Chardonnay ‘304’, and how to best serve it
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