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September 17, 2015

The New California? Puh-leeeze.

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What Neyers is doing in California is beyond Cool


Cavatappi Distribution in Washington State was one of the first companies to distribute Neyers wines in the country. I began to work with them soon after Peter Dow founded the company in 1991, and I developed a great friendship with Peter during our years of working together. Ten years ago he hired a talented young man named Jon Marvin to run the company.

In the intervening decade, I’ve worked with Jon and have enjoyed watching our business flourish with him. Jon and some colleagues visited us recently, and we enjoyed an extensive tasting in the cellar. Later, Jon wrote the following notes, and sent them out to his sales team with a copy to me. I was flattered beyond words. We thought you would enjoy reading them. Thanks.

The New California?
Puh-leeze! How about The Cool California?

I took a trip down to the Napa Valley last week to visit a few of our producers and look for a bit of “The New California” that seems to be on everyone’s radar. I walked away with more excitement about a winery already in our book than any other winery we encountered. I guess that shouldn’t have been a surprise since I’ve known for a long time that Bruce Neyers and his team are making wines the correct way, but it’s always nice to be reminded of their philosophy.

Do you want 100% ‘natural’ wines? Try Neyers.
Are you seeking out wines made from sustainably farmed vineyards? Try Neyers.
Might you enjoy wines made from 140 plus year-old vines? Try Neyers.

Do you have a fetish for foot-trodden wines made like we used to see in the old world that kind of blow the pants off their current French counterparts?
Try Neyers (Sage Canyon anyone?).

Would you care to discuss heirloom grape varieties and non-clonal selections that are hardly the norm as everyone else talks about Clone 12, 24, 25, and 31?
Oh, those are Seahawks numbers, but you get the point…talk to Neyers.

When a guy spends as much time as Bruce has visiting the greatest wineries in all of France year after year after year, it shouldn’t surprise any of us that what Neyers is doing in California is beyond cool. You don’t hear much about it, you don’t read much about it, and Bruce certainly doesn’t tweet about it, but for years and years now Neyers has been making wines that are as honest and real as it gets. You don’t want to miss these!

2014 Sage Canyon Red – $25/bottle

A blend of 45% Carignan, 25% Grenache, 15% Mourvedre & 15% Syrah

that costs 1/2 as much as it could.

2014 Zinfandel ‘Vista Luna’ – $25/bottle

“Heirloom” Zinfandel grown on an outcropping of quartz

that gives balance and freshness rarely seen.

2014 Carignan ‘Evangehlo Vineyard’ – $35/bottle

140 plus year-old vines… own rooted… less than a ton an acre. Duh

2014 Mourvedre ‘Evangelho Vineyard’ – $35/bottle

Only 120 plus years-old here… foot crushed… native ferment, etc. How boring of them. Right?