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October 11, 2016

‘Humble’ Grapes at Neyers

Last Friday’s New York Times column from Eric Asimov covered his look into the world of California Grenache, a grape seen by some as ‘Humble’:

Neyers in the New York Times
“Grenache can make superb wines in diverse places. It can achieve magnificence in the stony and sandy soils of Châteauneuf, in France, and in the slate of Priorat, in Spain… Grenache is a main constituent of humble but satisfying wines made all over the south of France and Mediterranean Spain.

In California, older Grenache producers have always made balanced wines, even if their styles were not celebrated. They are now being joined by younger producers who, like them, see wine’s place as on the table rather than in a cocktail bar.

In pursuit of a better understanding of the state of California Grenache today, our wine panel recently tasted 20 bottles from vintages ranging from 2012 to 2015.  It was a fascinating tasting with a real diversity of styles among the 20 bottles.

Our top bottle, the 2014 Neyers Vineyards from Rossi Ranch in Sonoma Valley, was also a great value, at $33. This wine, just 13.6 alcohol, was fresh, floral and beautifully balanced with a spine of minerality and luscious flavors of red fruit. It’s not so easy to make a serious wine of Grenache under 14 percent, although the Neyers proves it can be done.”

Tasting California Grenache
Fresh, floral, balanced and delicious, with flavors of red fruit and a strong vein of earthy minerality.

The entire piece by Eric can be viewed here:

We’ve spent years working with ‘Humble’ grapes here at Neyers Vineyards, and if my experience has taught me anything, it’s that well tended grape vines planted on interesting soils can – with inspired winemaking — produce great wines.

If you haven’t experienced the great ‘Humble’ wines of Neyers Vineyards, do yourself a favor and look at these, all currently in stock:

2014 Carignan ‘Evangelho Vineyard’ – $35/bottle

2015 Mourvedre ‘Evangelho Vineyard’ – $35/bottle

2015 Sage Canyon Red – $26/bottle
(A blend of Carignan, Grenache, Mourvedre and Syrah)

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