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Neyers Vineyards

The Team

Owners Bruce and Barbara Neyers

Barbara and Bruce Neyers

Bruce and Barbara grew up together in Wilmington, DE and married while they were both undergraduate students at the University of Delaware. Bruce’s brief stint in the Army moved them to San Francisco in 1970 where Bruce became interested in wine.

Bruce Neyers

Bruce worked at a French wine importing company in the city before moving to Mayacamas Winery in the Napa Valley in 1972. He spent a year in Germany as an apprentice winemaker in 1974, then 17 years at Joseph Phelps Vineyards. In 1991 he left to begin Neyers Vineyards. At the time Bruce and Barbara began the winery, Bruce accepted a position as national sales manager for Berkeley importer Kermit Lynch. He held that job until his retirement in 2017, having grown the business many times over during his years there.

Barbara Neyers

Barbara followed her academic training and became a teacher but was soon able to pursue her love of food and cooking as a chef and eventually manager at Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley. Bruce and Barbara raised three children on their home vineyard and ranch in the Conn Valley area of the Napa Valley, and now lead the varied and hectic lives of all vignerons; running a small business, growing grapes on their farm, and traveling around the country to oversee the distribution of their wines.