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April 7, 2016

2014 Left Bank Red: A new wine from Neyers Vineyards

14 LBR 03
The response to our 2013 Merlot ‘Neyers Ranch’ was enormous, and the wine is now sold out. Our thanks go to you for your support, and for your enthusiastic acceptance of our Merlot over the many years from our inaugural bottling in 1992.

The 2014 harvest was a great one at Neyers Vineyards, and we’ve selected it as the vintage to introduce a new wine. We call it ‘Left Bank Red’.

Two of the most important blocks of vines on our Conn Valley Ranch – one Cabernet Sauvignon and one Merlot — sit on the left bank of Conn Creek as it flows through our ranch on its way from Howell Mountain to Lake Hennessey. The hills that form the eastern slopes of Conn Valley are volcanic in origin, and with each successive period of volcanic activity, the creek was pushed further and further west, leaving behind a new bed of Howell Mountain gravel with each relocation. This gravel-rich soil is especially well suited for these Bordeaux varieties.

By blending the wines from the two parcels, we retain the characteristics natural to the fruit from this unique terroir. This new wine is as much a reflection of the vineyard site and growing conditions as it is the grape varieties.

Here is an attractive, traditional Bordeaux-style wine from the Napa Valley, produced entirely from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grown on our sustainably-farmed vineyards in Conn Valley. Most of the vines are 25 years-old, and are planted in soil that combines basalt, gravel and clay. Yields were barely two tons per acre so the finished wine is lush and deeply aromatic, with traces of cassis, raspberry and cedar. There’s a softness that is especially attractive right now, and the wine is complex enough to turn a lot of heads.

2014 Left Bank Red – $30/bottle